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2020 Modular Production Catalog
Product Series
Refrigeration equipment such as supermarket freezer, convenience store freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, freezer, refrigerator, display cabinet, etc.
AOCHI Customer Showcases
Minimizing the environmental impact without sacrificing our standards in design,manufacturing and performance,is critical to AOCHI. China-made commercial refrigeration built to exceed customers' expectations in customer service, quality, design, availability and performance.From environmentally frie...
About Us
ZHONGSHAN AOCHI REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a modern professional commercial Supermarket &C Store refrigeration manufacturer with a business line of designing, R&D manufacturing as well as distributing domestically and internationally.
AOCHI Production Line
As one of leader famous Supermarket &C Store refrigeration manufacturers in China,We are runing two big& independent Factories.All-in-one production strategy has capacities to meet different customers' demand.
Product Catalog